Unknown (Revolve)


Unknown (Revolve)

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→ Coachella through the years [2011 - 2014]

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Short and sweet movie reviews: Noah

A classic story with a brand new twist to it

So the movie season has officially started. After my trip to see “The Winter Soldier” (which I seriously want to see again soooo bad), I decided to go see “Noah”. Just, cause, you know… excellent cast, good reviews and a story that you just have to see being portrayed in a movie.
And I wasn’t disappointed at all.

First of all, the plot is very embellished. I was watching the movie, thinking “was that seriously in the Bible?”, but I think it just gave “Noah” a much more interesting vibe. They just had to fictionalize the story and make it more dramatic, otherwise it would be too simple. Although, I think, at some point, they went a bit too far with Noah, making him look like a psychotic maniac… just a bit.
I liked the element of fantasy, a really interesting idea. I’ve heard someone saying that it’s like “The Passion of the Christ” mixed with “The Hobbit”. I kinda, in some way, get the idea of that statement.

But the thing that I liked the most about this movie was acting. I say it a lot in my reviews, but this time, it just killed me. Emma Watson was AMAZING. She basically stole the show, forget about Russell Crowe, she took it to a whole new level. I had goose bumps all over my body, I also might have shed a tear… Hands down.
Oh and I was really happy that Logan Lerman was in the movie, he really fits parts like this one. And Anthony Hopkins - always enjoy seeing him in a movie :)

I know there’s a lot of controversy around the fact that Aronofsky… well basically… pretty much changed the story, but as I said, it might be a really boring thing to watch if he didn’t. The only bad word I can say that it felt kinda long, which is weird since it was just a bit over 2 hours.
So take it easy, it’s just a reinterpreation of a myth. I myself, enjoyed the idea. And I enjoyed the movie.  I think the story was deep either way, with a philosophical and moral tone to it. They also delivered some damn good effects and epic views. Or maybe I just enjoyed it thanks to Emma Watson and her ability to make me cry..? Who knows, who knows…

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Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951)

Disney’s Alice in Wonderland (1951)


You’re the angel, in the moonlight

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